Hydraulic Steering Systems

Marine Hydraulics for Outboard

Marine Hydraulics Steering Systems

DATA designs and manufactures several lines of marine hydraulic steering systems in complete ranges starting from 50 daN.m, as well as steering controls, power units and motor starters ensuring overall system responsibility for all types of commercial - pleasure boats & mega yachts. We have CE classification certificate for our steering systems suitable for boats upto 24 mts. in length. DATA hydraulic steering systems consist of a hydraulic pump and cylinder, connected by means of copper tubes, flexible high-pressure hoses or seamless steel tubes. The cylinder is of the double-acting type and the pump is of the axial piston type, with small pistons inside, which are actuated by the steering wheel. The manually operated system creates its hydraulic power through rotation of the steering wheel.

DATA steering systems are designed to work under harsh marine conditions and made of corrosion resistant mate rials such as stainless steel piston rods with hard chrome cover, stainless steel helm pump shafts, marine grade die cast helm pump bodies, marine grade painting.

Marine Hydraulics Steering System : Helm Pump

Available in 5 different displacement values suitable to fit with various types of hydraulic cylinders,

  • Stainless steel pump shaft and marine grade die cast aluminium body,
  • Production in CE norms meeting ISO 10592 standards.
  • Built in non-return valve for DP30-42 models.

Marine Hydraulics Steering System : Cylinders

It is the hydraulic cylinder, which determines the torque of a hydraulic steering system. When a reduced number of steering wheel revolutions from starboard to port is required, a steering pump with larger capacity should be selected.

Marine Hydraulics Steering System : Double Cylindered Steering Systems

Beyond our single cylindered systems for pleasure boats & mega yachts, DATA has double cylindered hydraulic steering systems for commercial & offshore patrol vessels and navl. They are manufacturered to provide long-term consistency, low maintenance and designed in accordance with all classification society rules including Turkish Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas and Registro Navale Italiano. Their design torques differ from 1.100 daN.m up to 55.000 daN.m.